Most Popular Characters

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John Price
Call of Duty Series

All it takes to change the course of history is the will of a single man

Devil May Cry

A fight every now and then does make life a little more interesting

Final Fantasy Series

Closing off her emotions makes her a great fighter, but at what personal cost?

Misato Katsuragi
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Never without a beer in her hand or her pet penguin by her side

Squidward Tentacles
SpongeBob SquarePants

Pretentious clarinet player in search of peace and quiet

Dr. Gordon Freeman

This brilliant physicist is a quiet hero. And given all the violent aliens, he better be

Dragon Age Series

A fun-loving jokester who's not ready for the responsibilities he faces

Dragon Age Series

There are men who embrace destiny and do not show their fear. These are the ones that change the world forever


Even with the world on the line, this Umbra Witch maintains a biting sense of humor

Big Boss
Metal Gear Series

A disillusioned mercenary commander who wants to create a world for soldiers -- and soldiers alone