Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... a dhampir. Rayne was born in the early 20th century after her father, the vampire lord Kagan, raped her human mother. That unholy union made Rayne a supernatural, half-human, half-vampire dhampir.

Living... in Europe. Rayne’s hunt for her father led her all across Europe at the same time the Nazis were attempting to use the powers of vampires for their own goals.

Profession... agent of the Brimstone Society. After she matured into a powerful assassin, Rayne was invited to join the shadowy Brimstone Society, an organization dedicated to finding and destroying the hidden dark forces that threaten the Earth.

Interests... killing vampires. Although she doesn’t particularly care for humans, Rayne hates vampires with a passion and loves that she has an excuse to kill them. She sadistically enjoys murdering them.

Relationship Status... single. Growing up without a family left Rayne bitter, cynical, and independent. And her work as an assassin forces her to never show weakness or form attachments. However, she does have a casual and sometimes flirty relationship with her sidekick, Severin.

Challenge... getting revenge. Whenever vampires create a dhampir, they murder the human family to force the child to join their side. Rayne’s family was no different and was not spared. However, instead of joining her father, Rayne swore to destroy him and get revenge for her mother and family.

Personality... bloodthirsty. While she ostensibly fights for the side of good, Rayne is a rude and cocky tomboy with a raging inner darkness that comes out while slaughtering her foes. However, at the very least, she says she “doesn’t approve of senseless killing.” OK, it’s not much, but that’s about as redeeming a trait as she has.


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