Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up...  with Sister Rose. Felicia was discovered by Catholic nun Sister Rose, who decided to love and raise the child despite her odd appearance. Her name comes from Felicity, the Latin word for “happy” or “happiness.”

Living... as a catwoman. Felicia is a catwoman, a gentle feline-human hybrid. She can also fully transform into a small white cat.

Profession... musician. As Sister Rose’s death, Felicia set out into the world to become a music star. Although the path was tough, she eventually starred in her own musical. (It wasn’t Cats.)

Interests... finding other catwomen. As Felicia explores the world, she comes across other catwomen and befriends them. By sticking together, they support each other in a society that fears and shuns them.

Relationship Status... single. Other catwomen tend to be Felicia’s only companions. However, she does become close with the werewolf Jon Talbain as she tries to convince him to give humans a chance.

Challenge... helping humanity and Darkstalkers coexist. Ever the optimist, Felicia believes that humans and monsters – or Darkstalkers – like herself can learn to live in peace. She wants to serve as a bridge. However, other Darkstalkers aren’t nearly a charitable towards humanity.         

Personality... bubbly, energetic, and playful. And Felicia wants to spread her happiness to others by making new friends. She even runs her own orphanage. As she says, “It’s wonderful to be alive. Don’t you think?” 


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