James Heller

James Heller

    Prototype Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in Manhattan. James Heller and his wife Collette raised their daughter Amaya in the Big Apple. However, Heller frequently had to leave due to his military duty.

Living... in the infected zone. On his way back home, Heller learned that an outbreak of the mysterious Blacklight virus has ravaged New York. So he enters the quarantined area to protect his family and figure out the truth.

Profession... Marine Sergeant. Before the outbreak, Heller was a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. However, after his infection, he becomes a powerful, living, shape-shifting virus only affiliated with himself. 

Interests… avoiding technology. Heller isn’t a fan of modern technology like computers, though that’s mostly because he doesn’t know how to use them.

Relationship Status... widower. Upon returning to New York, Heller realizes that his wife has been killed in the chaos. At first, he believes his daughter is dead too, but when he discovers she is still alive, he tries to save her.

Challenge... getting revenge against Alex Mercer. There are many questions surrounding the viral outbreak, but Heller is convinced that the villainous mutant Gentek researcher Alex Mercer is ultimately the one responsible. Mercer is also the one who transforms Heller into his current form. These traumas combined to cause Heller to seek revenge.       

Personality... damaged, dark, violent, and bad-tempered. Heller was once a loving family man, but the losses of his family and his humanity have permanently marred him. Still, he does retain his sense of honor. As he says, “Just ‘cause you can kill something doesn’t mean you should.”


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