Lord Varys

Lord Varys

    Game of Thrones
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... much better than he was. Lord Varys was born a slave and was bought by a wizard who turned Varys into a eunuch as part of a ritual. Afterwards, he threw Varys into the streets, where he struggled to survive as a thief. Over time Varys was able to put his devious intelligence to work, eventually getting into the business of “information.” Varys seems to know just about everyone’s secrets.

Profession... Master of Whisperers, aka intelligence chief for the King. He’s a skilled spy and manipulator who acts as a humble nobody to learn everyone’s secrets. It worked so well he was able to become a trusted advisor to the King – the perfect position for someone who trades secrets.

Interests… power, influence, intelligence. When you devote your life to becoming a ruthless political manipulator, you don’t have time for other hobbies.

Relationship Status... none. As a eunuch, Lord Varys does not have any sexual relationships. This leads to him becoming mistrusted by others on the King’s council, in part because most eunuchs became such as punishment for terrible crimes.

Challenge... maintaining his aloof exterior to spy on others. If people realize that the seemingly kind, humble, chubby, bald man has the ear of the King, they might not be so open with him. And without the information he obtains, Varys has nothing.      

Personality... opaque, and deliberately so. Varys may act like a charming, carefree, obedient servant but in reality he is one of the most gifted manipulators in Westeros. His motivations are inscrutable, and don’t seem to be aimed at gaining personal power. He claims to only want peace and prosperity for the realm, but whether that’s the truth or not is anyone’s guess.


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