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About Her

Grew Up... in Traverson Hall. Red was once a student at Traverson Hall, known for its notable alumni of civic planners. However, her interests leaned in a different, less traditional direction.

Living... in Cloudbank. Cloudbank is a sprawling, futuristic, densely populated city that may or may not be a computer simulation. It is constantly shifting and even extends into the sky. 

Profession... singer. At least, she was. Red was one of Cloudbank’s most popular and controversial performers. Her music was so powerful it could even cause fights, although she insisted this was never her intention. 

Interests… the arts. Red has also been an artistic person. Her early interest in music is what finally persuaded Traverson to actually develop an arts academy program. 

Relationship Status... in a mysterious relationship. After a failed attempt on her life, Red removes a strange sword from the body of a dead man. The sword, called the Transistor, can talk and aids Red on her journey. However, Red and the Transistor develop a strong, almost loving relationship surprisingly quickly.

Challenge... defeating the Process. Red discovers that she was attacked by the Camerata, a shadowy group of Cloudbank officials attempting to remake the city with their increasingly uncontrollable robotic drones, called the Process. The power of the Transistor is the only thing that can stop them.           

Personality... quiet. Although Red survived her attack, she lost her voice. But even before that, she was never very loud, despite being a singer. She doesn’t like to explain herself, her past, or her inspirations. She just wants her work to speak for itself. 

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