Wei Shen

Wei Shen

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... in San Francisco. Wei Shen was born in Hong Kong. But he spent most of his life in San Francisco with his mother as his older sister, Mimi, tried to kick her drug habit. He majored in politics at SFU but dropped out halfway through.

Living... in Hong Kong. Shen rose through the ranks of the San Francisco Police Department, and as one of the most capable Asian-American officers, he was recruited by Superintendent Thomas Pendrew to go undercover in Hong Kong.

Profession... undercover cop. Shen’s pre-existing ties to the Hong Kong underworld make him very well-equipped at blending in and infiltrating its dangerous Chinese triad gangs.

Interests… revenge. Some in the police force believe that Shen’s harsh tactics against criminals are due to his desire for revenge against the gangsters that gave his sister a fatal supply of heroin.

Relationship Status... bouncing between relationships. While in Hong Kong, Shen begins and ends several relationships with foreign and domestic women including Amanda Cartwright, Tiffany Kim, Not Ping, Ilyana, and Sandra.

Challenge... bringing down the Hong Kong triads. Shen is deeply knowledgeable of how Asian gang structures operate. He uses that knowledge to send info to the authorities and cripple these vast, international criminal networks from within, all without compromising his plainclothes cover.     

Personality... stressed. Undercover police work, having to constantly betray murderous criminals and lie right in their faces, is already pretty stressful. Plus, Shen must also deal with his police superiors, who don’t fully trust his loyalty. However, he is able to withstand it all. As he says, “I’m an undercover cop. The rules are different.”  


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