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About Them

Grew Up... in the Night Dimension. NiGHTS was created in the Night Dimension, the realm where dreams and nightmares resides. Whenever humans dream, they are actually visiting this place.

Living... in Nightopia. In Nightopia, dream energy from visitors, called Ideya, is used to create new outlandish dream worlds that reflect the visitor’s hopes, fears, and wishes.

Profession... 1st Level Nightmaren. NiGHTS is a Nightmaren, a powerful dream creature created by Wizeman the Wicked as part of his plot to corrupt the Night Dimension. However, while NiGHTS and its counterpart Reala were designed to lead other Nightmaren, NiGHTS rebelled against its creators. “We need to protect dreams!”

Interests... flight. In dream worlds, NiGHTS glides through the sky like a graceful acrobat jester performing dizzyingly complex aerial flips and spins.

Relationship Status... single. As a dream creature, NiGHTS doesn’t have “relationships” the way we humans understand them. Though whenever children enter the Night Dimension, NiGHTS is extremely friendly to them. Through a process called dualizing, it will merge with children, giving them the confidence they need to overcome whatever anxiety they bring with them into the Night Dimension.

Challenge... defeating Wizeman the Wicked. Although NiGHTS is arguably an amoral being, it is still determined to stop its former dark master from plaguing the world of dreams with everlasting nightmares. Unsurprisingly, the purity of good-hearted children is a great weapon in a fight like this.

Personality... free-spirited. In many ways, NiGHTS is a lot like the children it aids. It loves to play and be free, and sometimes it’s a little naughty. But it is ultimately a kind soul. 

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