Most Popular Characters

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Kaworu Nagisa
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Compassionate, encouraging, and a team player


With an A.I. as loyal and witty as Cortana, who needs humans?

John Marston
Red Dead Redemption

This reformed former outlaw doesn't want any trouble, yet somehow trouble always seems to find him

Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong

Strong, banana-loving, and caring uncle to Diddy Kong

God of War

Driven by guilt and rage, Kratos is less a man and more an unstoppable avatar of anger and hate

Commander Shepard
Mass Effect

This complex, changeable veteran soldier is the only hope of saving the universe

Samus Aran

She's a great galactic bounty hunter, not so great at expressing emotions

Corvo Attano

This assassin with supernatural gifts is the last guy you should frame for murder

Agent 47

A genetic experiment engineered to be the perfect assassin, Agent 47 is cold, professional, and lethal

Leon Scott Kennedy
Resident Evil Series

He might look like a pretty boy, but resourceful Leon is the man to have at your side during a crisis