Harry Mason

Harry Mason

    Silent Hill

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... a loving father. Early in their marriage, Harry Mason and his wife Jodie discovered an abandoned baby on the side of the road. They decided to raise the baby, naming her Cheryl.

Living... in Silent Hill. Harry is trapped in Silent Hill, a hellish parallel reality that usually takes the form of a foggy, distorted American small town. Its nightmares tend to reflect whatever psychological trauma the visitor is going through.

Profession... author. Harry tends to write about crime and humanity’s darker tendencies. He is only an average writer, though, and his lack of financial success has caused tension in his marriage.

Interests... self-defense. Although he’s not a particularly intimidating guy, Harry very much believes in self-defense. He would never give up the handgun he constantly carries because he feels he needs it to keep his family safe.

Relationship Status... widower. Three years after finding Cheryl, Harry’s wife became ill and soon passed away leaving Harry a sad, single father. 

Challenge... finding his daughter. When Harry swerves on the road to avoid hitting a mysterious woman in his path, he crashes. After he wakes up, he finds that Cheryl is nowhere to be found. So he sets out into the empty town of Silent Hill to retrieve his precious daughter, the only thing he has left in the world. As he says, “Cheryl is somewhere and she needs my help.” Harry is even more convinced she’s in danger when he discovers that Silent Hill houses a bizarre cult.                                                                       

Personality... concerned. Harry has been told that he worries too much, that he’s a little paranoid. But he just wants to protect what he loves and not lose it.   


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