Alex Mercer

Alex Mercer

    Prototype Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... in poverty. Alex Mercer was born in 1979 and spent much of his early life a poor foster child caring for his little sister Dana.

Living... in Manhattan. An extremely intelligent man, Alex eventually graduated with a doctorate in genetics from Columbia University and stayed in the City to further his career.

Profession... Gentek researcher. Alex soon became a head researcher at Gentek working on their mysterious BLACKLIGHT virus. However, when the project was compromised, Alex escaped with a sample, selfishly hoping to use it as leverage in protecting his own life from the authorities.

Interests… spreading the virus. After being resurrected and discovering his strange new morphing abilities, Alex uses them to combat the virus now ravaging New York. But eventually he starts to wonder how the virus could affect or possibly improve other infected beings, so he begins spreading it again instead. 

Relationship Status... single. Alex was once dating fellow Gentek researcher Karen Parker, but they broke up sometime before his mutation. He is also very protective towards his younger sister Dana.

Challenge... rediscovering his past. While BLACKLIGHT has given Alex dangerous viral powers, it has also stripped him of his memories. He can slowly regain them, however, by simply consuming other people. So to figure out what’s going on he must travel around New York unraveling the conspiracy and evading BLACKWATCH bio-warfare soldiers.       

Personality... paranoid. Alex’s harsh childhood left him bitter and lonely. His work at Gentek made him arrogant and untrusting, and his horrifying infection has made him even more violent and detached from humanity. As he says, “The revelation. It freed me. It killed me. I’m not human. Alex is just the role I play.”  


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