Jak and Daxter

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... a human. Daxter grew up in Sandover Village alongside his best friend Jak. However, after falling into a vat of a mysterious substance called Dark Eco, he was transformed into a weasel-like creature called an ottsel.

Living... in Haven City. Alongside Jak, Daxter was transported to Haven City, a dystopian futuristic state in the midst of war. They later joined the Underground, a movement dedicated to bringing down the corrupt ruler Baron Praxis.

Profession... sidekick. Daxter is the companion of the much more heroic Jak, which works out well because Daxter tends to run from a fight. However, when telling stories of his adventures, he’s definitely not afraid to exaggerate his role.

Interests... pest control. During one of his rare solo adventures, Daxter was conscripted by the Kridder Ridder Extermination Company. Although he used the job as an excuse to find the imprisoned Jak, he discovered he was actually pretty good at pest control.

Relationship Status... in a relationship. Daxter likes to flirt with humans, even though being an animal makes it kind of difficult for him to succeed. However, he has managed to start a relationship with Freedom League member Tess, although only after she was also turned into an ottsel.

Challenge... turning back to normal. During his adventures with Jak, Daxter hopes to find something that will turn him back into a human. Maybe the rare Light Eco is the answer to his problems?

Personality... snarky. Daxter tries to be funny and cocky to make up for how timid he can be in the heat of battle. But he’s not entirely useless and can even be somewhat of a secret weapon. As he says, “I’m the real hero here. You can call me… ‘Orange Lightning!’”


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