Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... a street urchin. Garrett lived alone as a poor street orphan doing whatever he could, however illegal, to stay alive. However, his “talents” were soon noticed by Artemus, who then took him in.

Living... in the City. Garrett lives in a giant metropolis known simply as “The City.” It is entirely independent and self-sufficient. It is also constantly at war with a rival city-state called Blackbrook, although few people know why.

Profession... master thief. Garrett was trained to become a Keeper, part of an order of observers trying to maintain balance in the world. But he left, out of rebellious anger, to become an independent thief using the skills they taught him.

Interests… stealing. Taking things is what Garrett has been doing for his entire life, so he is pretty good at it. The rich are his favorite targets. As he says, “”What is locked can be opened. What is hidden can be found. What is yours can be mine.”

Relationship Status... loner. Garrett looks out for himself and only appreciates women physically, not romantically. However, he does slowly show some kindness towards Viktoria, the wood nymph, during their uneasy alliance.

Challenge... completing his hazardous assignments. Pickpocketing is one thing, but to make real money, Garrett steals ancient, precious objects for whatever crazy nobleman wants them. However, this also gets him wrapped up in the larger conflicts between dangerous, supernatural forces lurking throughout the City.

Personality... cynical. Garrett is a jaded skeptic who only wants to get paid and be left alone. But despite his wishes, he frequently becomes involved in bigger struggles that force him to be slightly less self-serving.


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