Stan Marsh

Stan Marsh

    South Park
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in South Park, Colo., with his parents, his hormonal older sister Shelly, and his senile grandpa Marvin who calls him “Billy.” Stan’s dad Randy is a geologist who attempts to bond with Stan by adopting the fads of Stan’s generation, like World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero, and the up-and-coming musical genre “tween-wave.” That rarely ends well for either of them.

Profession… fourth-grader at South Park Elementary. Stan also is an active if not especially accomplished youth athlete, which his dad invests a ton of emotion into watching. Years after the fact, Stan’s dad still gets nightmares about the time Stan missed a shot on a wide-open goal in peewee hockey, and he goes to little league games and gets belligerently drunk and heckles Stan’s opposition. Stan rolls his eyes at Randy’s antics, but at the end of the day he still loves his old man. As the cops haul Randy away after a bout of fisticuffs against an opposing parent, Stan tells him: “Dad, you’re the greatest.”

Interests… John Elway, the Denver Broncos, the movie Road Warrior, and animals.

Relationship Status… single. Stan is generally well liked by the ladies. He dates his classmate Wendy Testaburger, or at least what passes for “dating” in fourth grade. Although he has successfully kissed Wendy several times, she makes him very nervous and most of his kissing attempts end with Stan vomiting on her face. Ahh, young love.

Challenge… facing the fact that all the adults around him are idiots. This is Stan’s great insight. He has a low tolerance for B.S., which he views to be innate to all adults. Though Stan’s dad Randy is the source of much of his frustration, Stan has also publically pwned several prominent celebrities, including Tom Cruise, Rob Reiner, Al Gore, and TV psychic John Edward.

Personality… even-keeled, though susceptible to periods of depression. When Wendy dumps him, he stays in bed for days, then turns on his best buddy Kyle to go brood with the Goth kids. The opposite of this state would be his moments of animal activism. Once he takes to the high seas to fight Japanese whalers. Another time he attempts to liberate a barn full of veal calves, only to discover they can’t walk because of their atrophied muscles. Stan likes animals because they are the opposite of human adults – they are simple, self-contained creatures in a way that is antithetical and perhaps mutually exclusive to being a hypocritical idiot.


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