Trevor Phillips

Trevor Phillips

    Grand Theft Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in Canada. While he may claim to be from the “Canadian border region of America,” Trevor’s physically and emotionally abusive parents definitely raised him in the Great White North. But his erratic past took him all over both countries in foster homes, jails, and even into the armed forces.

Living... in Blaine County, a rural region of San Andreas. Unlike its glamorous neighbor, Los Santos, Blaine County is full of junkies, biker gangs, and white trash. Trevor is wasting away there.

Profession... meth dealer. As head of “Trevor Philips Industries” Trevor and his fellow hillbilly and whack job associates control all the drugs and firearms throughout Blaine County, much to the chagrin of rival gangs. As he says, “Since I was a little kid I dreamt big.”

Interests... airplanes. Trevor is a skilled pilot, but his violent personality kept him from pursuing his passion as his career. So now he uses his talent to aid in his crime sprees.

Relationship Status... single. Trevor can barely keep himself together, let alone start a relationship with another person. He has a history of sexual violence too. However, he did develop genuine feelings for Patricia Madrazo after kidnapping her from her crime lord husband, Martin.

Challenge... getting the truth from Michael. As young man, Trevor and his best friend Michael were some of the best bank robbers in the business. But when a job in North Yankton went wrong, Trevor thought Michael died. However, when Michael resurfaces in Los Santos, Trevor reunites with his old buddy to pull off more heists and learn the truth.
Personality... unstable. Trevor is an unpredictable maniac. Sure, he tortures people for no reason and kills couples in their own homes so he can crash there. But other times, he can be surprisingly poignant about the corruption of the criminal justice system.


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