Jak and Daxter

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in Sandover Village. Jak was born the son of King Damas, but after his father was betrayed and banished by Baron Praxis, Jak was taken to Sandover Village and raised by the sage Samos Hagai.

Living... in Haven City. As a teenager, Jak and his friend Daxter (who has been transformed into an otter/weasel hybrid called an ottsel) were transported to Haven City, a dystopian futuristic state in the midst of war. Upon his arrival, Jak was captured and experimented on for years using a mysterious substance called Eco.

Profession... savior. Jak’s pure essence gives him the power needed to save the world. But the experiments also left him with a barely controllable dark alter-ego named Dark Jak. So to save others, he must first save himself.

Interests... vehicles. During his adventures , Jak has demonstrated his mastery of both combat racing and aerial dog-fighting.

Relationship Status... in a relationship. As his quests continued, Jak fell in love with Keira, a skilled mechanic and the daughter of his mentor Samos.

Challenge... winning the War for Haven City. Haven City has been in turmoil since before Jak’s time. But as he discovers the truth about his own history and destiny, Jak vows to use his powers to finally bring peace to the city. Daxter is always his loyal sidekick, though Daxter very much leaves the world-saving heavy lifting to Jak. 

Personality... well-balanced and determined. Jak has had many mood swings over the years. He’s gone from an adventurous boy to a petulant teenager who only wanted revenge on his captors. But as he eventually figured out how both the light and dark halves of his soul could co-exist, he matured into a real hero. As he says, “This place is worth fighting for.”


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