Cole MacGrath

Cole MacGrath


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... in New Marais. As a younger man, Cole MacGrath would hang out in this southern city with his best friend Zeke. This is where he developed his parkour skills. He went to college, but dropped out to annoy his parents.

Living... in Empire City. Cole now lives in the historic district of this dense northern metropolis. He spent most of his life there as an average citizen, until the blast. As he says, “I was someone you’d never notice. Just a guy delivering packages to folks you’d never know.”

Profession... bike messenger. Cole works as a bike messenger delivering packages throughout the city, including the mysterious Ray Sphere. He explores the city so often he even knows how to navigate its sewers.

Interests… honing his powers. After an explosion leaves thousands dead and Cole unconscious, he discovers that he has developed strange electricity powers. He begins to train himself and gains an impressive level of control over his new abilities.

Relationship Status... single. Cole was in a relationship with nurse Trish Dailey, who began to resent him after her sister died in the blast that gave him his powers. However, Trish was killed during a confrontation with Cole’s nemesis Kessler, sending Cole into a deep depression.

Challenge... stopping The Beast. When Cole learns of an alternate future where his family and most of the world are wiped out by an unstoppable force called The Beast, he decides to prepare himself for the oncoming fight. When The Beast comes, Cole will be ready.            

Personality... uncertain. Cole struggles over moral decisions. Should he protect his friends and family or the world and the greater good? Should he be nice and heroic or use his powers to lord over lesser people? He tries to do the right thing, but doesn’t always reach that goal. 


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