Isaac Clarke

Isaac Clarke

    Dead Space

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up...  with his mother. Isaac grew up with his mother Octavia in the Northeastern American seaboard during the 2460s.

Living... in space. Isaac’s job has him traveling all across the cosmos, from the Sprawl space station on Saturn’s moon Titan to the mysterious ice planet Tau Volantis.

Profession... engineer. As a systems engineer for the Concordance Extraction Corporation, Isaac is skilled with futuristic mining equipment, like plasma cutters and telekinetic beams, that also work as excellent projectile weapons.

Interests... anti-Unitology. Because his mother wasted much of the family’s money on Unitology, Isaac grew to resent the controversial new age religion and its increasing influence over the galaxy. Its connection to the deadly Red and Black Marker artifacts just increased his hatred.

Relationship Status... in a relationship. Isaac was dating Nicole Brennan while she was a Senior Medical Officer on the USG Ishimura. However, after being sent to investigate whatever disaster had befallen the ship, he was devastated to find that she had killed herself. Although still plagued by hallucinations of her, Isaac eventually started a new relationship with Sprawl survivor Ellie Langford.

Challenge... surviving the Necromorphs. After arriving on the Ishimura, Isaac discovers that it is overrun with Necromorphs, horrifying monsters made from tissue reanimated by the manmade Markers. His nightmare continues as the infection spreads across space.

Personality... distressed. Isaac’s first encounter with the Necromorphs left him psychologically broken due to stress and the mind-altering effects of the Marker itself. But he’s still determined to end the threat, no matter what it takes. As he says, “Good men mean well. We just don’t always end up doing well.”


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