Fox McCloud

Fox McCloud

    Star Fox

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… with his father on the planet Papetoon. Fox later moved to the planet Corneria, where he joined the Cornerian Flight academy to become a pilot like his father. Not soon after, Fox’s father was killed in combat during the Lylat Wars while investigating strange activity on the planet Venom.

Living… in his Arwing combat ship, adventuring through the Lylat System. Fox is never in one place for too long before duty calls.

Profession… lead space pilot of the Star Fox team. Fox was given the chance to avenge his father’s death by General Pepper. He now leads a team of three other skilled pilots through the Lylat System in search of the evil genius Andross, the villain that killed his father.

Interests… adventuring and picking up odd jobs. The Star Fox team is a group of commandos-for-hire who will do anything for a bit of cash – so long as it’s just and for the greater good.

Relationship Status… single. Fox is still pretty young and too busy saving the galaxy to invest in a relationship. But just recently he met a young fox named Krystal, and the two are immediately drawn to each other.

Challenge… stop Andross from taking over the Lylat system. Fox wants revenge for his father and justice for the galaxy.

Personality… cocky, determined, and loyal. Fox believes in his skills as a pilot and fighter, but sometimes that confidence leads to reckless and dangerous behavior. Though his roguish personality and general distaste for rules and regulations often puts him at odds with others on his team, Fox is learning how to be a great leader, just like his father was.


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