Most Popular Characters

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Buffy Summers
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Good fashion? Check. Snarky quips? Check. Supernatural evil-fighting powers? Also check

Michael Scott
The Office

Arguably the world's worst boss, he's desperate for love, praise and a suggestion for an improv scene

Clarke Griffin
The 100

A natural-born leader thrust into an impossible situation, Clarke is principled, dependable, and determined

Ciel Phantomhive
Black Butler

This haughty teenage nobleman doesn't suffer fools gladly

Soul Eater

While he might be too cool for school, Soul isn't too cool to do the right thing

Naruto Uzumaki

An exuberant prankster that craves acknowledgement of any kind

Jessica Day
New Girl

Whether it's randomly bursting into song or writing Nancy Drew fan-fiction, Jess proudly marches to the beat of her own drum

21 Jump Street

He was top dog in high school. Now he's bottom of the pack in the police academy

Blair Waldorf
Gossip Girl

A private school overachiever and queen bee hiding her insecurities

Mr. Spock
Star Trek

The ultimate man of logic. Or, more specifically, half-man and half-Vulcan