Annalise Keating

Annalise Keating

    How to Get Away with Murder
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… with her mother, Ophelia, who did all she could to protect and provide for Annalise, despite their lack of money or the letter of the law. Though Annalise and her mother are now estranged, they have more in common than Annalise would like to admit.

Living… just off the Middleton University campus, in a house that doubles as her law offices. That means it’s the second home to the Keating Five, a group of promising law students who Annalise chooses to work for her each year.

Profession… the professor of Criminal Law 100 – better known as… yep, How To Get Away With Murder. She’s also one of the most intimidating and in-demand defense lawyers in Pennsylvania.

Relationship Status… married to Sam, a respected professor and loving husband. She’s not entirely faithful to him, though – she’s been having a secret affair with Nate Lahey, a cop who slips Annalise information for her cases when she needs it.

Challenge… winning her court cases, which requires an intense amount of investigation. This, of course, often leads Annalise and her team to some unsavory people… and, when a case hits too close home, it may even lead to someone under her same roof. Annalise wants to protect the people she cares about just as much as she wants to win any court case, but when the two intersect, it’s not always clear which she’ll choose. 

Personality…  enigmatic, tempestuous, and astute. Annalise is brilliant when it comes to legal strategy, and unflappable in a courtroom. Though a terrifyingly harsh teacher, she is a nurturing, devoted mentor. Annalise is completely unpredictable and extremely passionate.


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