Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… a long, long time ago. Does the name Vlad the Impaler ring any bells? How about Dracula? All are names that the vampire now known as Alucard has gone by. He doesn’t really remember his humanity too clearly, though.

Living… in England. More specifically he lives with Integra, the young leader of the Hellsing organization. She has a big, fancy house, and a butler named Walter.

Profession… vampire-hunter. Which is a strange profession for someone who’s a powerful vampire himself. But one of Integra’s ancestors defeated him, and bound him in service to Hellsing. Hellsing’s stated mission is to protect Queen and country from supernatural threats, so now that’s Alucard’s mission too.

Interests… big guns, killing things, blood. Alucard might not appreciate being controlled by humans, but he certainly doesn’t mind killing on their behalf. He’ll give a condescending speech, allow you a few pity blows, and then rip you in half.

Relationship Status… single. Alucard is very close to Integra, having protected her since she was 12. He also has recently “made” young vampire Seras – meaning he turned her into a vampire – but doesn’t seem romantically interested in her.

Challenge… defeating a group of crazy Catholic templars and an army of undead Nazis. Seems like around every corner there’s a new monstrosity that Hellsing wants taken down. That said, Millennium (the Nazi organization) seems to have a particular grudge against Alucard himself. Fortunately, Alucard is nigh-invincible, with extraordinary healing powers and super-strength. Although, he’s not the only one with certain… enhancements.

Personality… cocky, violent, and prideful. Alucard has (warranted) absolute confidence in his abilities, and often looks down on weaker vampires, especially those who don’t control themselves. He’s a one-man killing machine. He also has a softer side, though ­– he cares for Seras and Integra, and he appreciates beauty in nature and even in mortality. In short, when he’s fighting, it’s best to stay as far away as possible. When at rest, however, he’s quite philosophical.


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