Kaworu Nagisa

Kaworu Nagisa

    Neon Genesis Evangelion

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in a Tokyo constantly under attack. In the near future, Earth is constantly besieged by monstrous alien beings called Angels, and the only defense mankind has against them are the Evangelions, giant robots in the hands of a select group of pilots—none of whom are older than fifteen.

Profession… Evangelion pilot. Kaworu was called in to replace Asuka Soryu Langley after an Angel leaves her unable to fight. No one at NERV really knows where the fifteen-year-old boy comes from or who, exactly, he is, but they're short-staffed enough that any competent pilot is welcome. 

Interests… music. From whistling Ode to Joy to playing the piano, Kaworu has a definite love for music, calling it "the highest achievement of the Lilim culture." By which he means human culture.

Relationship Status… single. Though he's affectionate towards fellow pilot Shinji Ikari, telling the shy boy, "Maybe I was born so that I would meet you." And Shinji –after a lifetime of being nearly completely alone – is quick to seize on what affection he can find.

Challenge… understanding humanity, and possibly himself. Shadowy organization SEELE sent the white-haired boy to Japan for a reason, but Kaworu doesn’t seem to care what that reason is. He'd rather spent his time at NERV exploring the Evangelion headquarters and getting closer to Shinji.

Personality… philosophical, inquisitive, and eerily serene. From his pale hair to his habit of calling humans "Lilim," Kaworu gives off an odd, almost eerie vibe to most. While his true aims are a mystery to most, it's clear that he doesn't understand much about humanity.


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