The Future Diary

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... with an abusive, perfectionist mother. An adopted child, Yuno was harshly punished for even minor imperfections, and as a result, her psychological scars run deep.

Living... the life of a stalker. Yuno maintains the outward appearance of perfect normality, but she's secretly in love with quiet classmate Yukiteru, keeping a diary that details his every step and breathe.

Visiting... the “survival game” hosted by the King of Time and Space, Deus Ex Machina. Yuno’s diary has been turned into a Future Diary that predicts all of Yukiteru’s actions, but unlike the other contestants, Yuno has no interest in taking Deus's throne, only in protecting Yukiteru.

Profession... perfect schoolgirl. To try to please her abusive mother, Yuno maintains “excellent grades” and works hard to stay “beautiful” and “admired by everyone in school.” However, this is all just a cover for her true, darker self.

Interests... her love for “Yuki,” and nothing else. Yuno seems to also have an interest in knives, but this is just to keep anyone from hurting– or worse, falling into love with– Yuki. After all, the best defense is a strong, murderous offense.

Relationship Status... progressing. Yuno has been stalking Yukiteru since their first class together. Unsurprisingly, Yukiteru isn't exactly thrilled at finding this okay, but he doesn't mind Yuno's tendency to stab anything that might hurt him. Yuno is content with this arrangement, but only because she trusts he will love her eventually.

Challenge... keeping poor “Yuki” alive and getting him to love her back. Having a Future Diary that tells her all of Yuki's actions helps her defend her love, but Yuno's more violent methods of "protection" tend to make Yukiteru more terrified than lovestruck.

Personality... two-sided, though both are equally unnerving. Yuno is completely sweet and friendly towards Yukiteru, and a cold-blooded psychopath to anyone else. When it comes to "Yuki," Yuno is violently possessive, hating not only any potential love interests, but also friends of and even family for stealing Yukiteru's attention. Yuno is also disturbingly comfortable with death and killing, finding plain deaths “boring” and breaking out into maniacal laughter when things get more 'interesting.'


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