Selina Kyle

Selina Kyle

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... on the streets of Gotham. Selina Kyle is an orphan who knows the city like the back of her hand. While the crime and chaos would scare most citizens, she embraces the depravity and disorder. As she says to Jim Gordon, “I can see in the dark”.  

Profession a highly skilled street thief. In the past, Selina has offloaded stolen goods to a fence named Clyde, but she moves around crews as she pleases. 

Interests pilfering and pickpocketing. Selina’s specialty is petty theft and she uses her skills to obtain clothes, jewelry, and whatever else catches her fancy. After all, a “girl’s gotta shop.” 

Relationship Status... single. Like her alias, “Cat,” Selina is pretty independent. Her main priority is to take care of herself and that’s easier said than done in a city like Gotham.   

Challenge not getting caught. Getting snatched up by the Gotham City Police Department or a local crime gang would put an end to the freedom she has always enjoyed. However, Selina is possibly the only witness to the recent Wayne murders, which makes her testimony the ultimate bargaining chip—a great asset for a thief to have in her back pocket.  

Personality... resourceful and pragmatic, Selina always looks out for number one. And can you blame her? It’s tough out there on the streets of Gotham and she’ll do whatever it takes to survive. 


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