Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy Schmidt

    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... unconventionally, to say the least. Kimmy’s normal suburban life was brought to a screeching halt when she was kidnapped into a doomsday cult at the age of 14. Trapped in an underground bunker with three other women for 15 years, Kimmy grew up thinking the entire world had been destroyed. Yet even in her darkest moment, she never lost her optimistic spirit. By dealing with her terrible reality in 10-second bursts, Kimmy remained truly “unbreakable.”

Living... one day at a time in New York City. Finally freed from the bunker, Kimmy is determined to dive into a new life where no one knows her as one of the infamous “Indiana mole women.” Her first step is moving into a tiny basement apartment with an eccentric roommate named Titus Andromedon.

Profession... nanny. Kimmy only has an eighth-grade education, so her employment opportunities are a bit limited at the moment. But after years of taking care of the other women in the bunker, she’s more than capable of watching out for young Buckley Voorhees, his snotty teenaged half-sister Xanthippe Lannister, and even their vapid socialite mother Jacqueline.

Interests... candy, Baby-Sitters Club books, Friends, Hanson, the American Girl doll Molly, and Law & Order (which Kimmy calls “Law Squiggle Order”). Kimmy has a lot of pop culture to catch up on after her time in the bunker, but she’s slowly adding some more contemporary additions to her 1990s tastes.

Relationship Status... single. Although now that she’s free, Kimmy is very interested in finally getting her first boyfriend, or at least her first kiss. Unfortunately her enthusiasm far outpaces her knowledge of romance or sex.

Challenge... becoming an adult. Having spent her entire adolescence underground, Kimmy is more than ready to jump into her adult life. She still struggles with some residual emotional trauma, but she’s also determined not to be seen as a victim. Although life can be tough, she once advised, “Smile until you feel better. I call it ‘Kimmying.’”

Personality... upbeat, eternally optimistic, determined, and surprisingly tough. A lot of people underestimate Kimmy because of her sunny, friendly personality, but during her time in the bunker she learned to be tough, resourceful, and inventive. Life has handed Kimmy a lot of lemons, but she’s always able to turn them into extra-sweet lemonade. Despite her past, Kimmy once explained: “I still believe the world is good. That bunnies are nice, and snakes are mean. And that one day Sandra Bullock will find someone who deserves her.”


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