Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon

    Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… a simple raccoon on earth. In his early life Rocket wasn’t concerned with anything more complicated than garbage – but that all changed when he was abducted by and experimented on by aliens. Using a mix of cybernetics and genetic modification they took Rocket apart and put him back together countless times, until they eventually created an enhanced, fully sentient raccoon.

Living… in no place in particular. Rocket wants to get rich and travels from planet to planet with his houseplant/muscle/best friend Groot. Even if the two could afford to settle down it’s doubtful they would – they crave the excitement their lifestyle provides. 

Profession… mercenary. Rocket travels the galaxy with Groot looking for any paying work. The two make a formidable and destructive team, but their extreme methods often get them into trouble – trouble that usually ends with the pair behind bars. Fortunately Rocket is an escape artist and has busted out of no less than 22 prisons.

Interests… tinkering. Rocket is a brilliant mechanic who is able to create novel and powerful weapons and explosives out of odds-and-ends. When he’s not shooting things or berating Groot, chances are that he’s building a better bomb. 

Relationship status… single. Rocket is the only sentient Raccoon in the galaxy, and doesn’t seem to have any suitable mates. Still, it doesn’t seem to bother him – he usually has more immediate issues to deal with. 

Challenge… making money and staying alive. What starts as a simple attempt to collect the 40,000-unit bounty on Peter Quill’s head becomes much more complicated when the public battle lands Rocket, Groot, Peter, and an assassin named Gamorra in the same prison. Rocket is given another chance to collect a hefty paycheck when he discovers that the orb carried by Peter Quill can be sold for a huge profit – eager to escape prison and get rich, the unlikely quartet enters into an uneasy alliance to try and sell the orb. But what begins as chasing a payday soon turns into a galactic struggle to stop the genocidal Kree fanatic, Ronan the Accuser. 

Personality… hotheaded, funny, and sarcastic. Many people look at Rocket and see a raccoon, but Rocket refuses to see himself as a lower life form. He’s quick to anger and demands the same respect that would be due to anyone else. If someone continues to anger him they’ll find themselves on the business end of Rocket’s unfeasibly large cannon. While he’s quick to berate other people, Raccoon has a soft side and truly prizes his friendship with Groot.


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