Stephen Strange

Stephen Strange

    Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… on top of the world. Stephen Strange may be based in New York City, but he is known throughout the globe for his skills as a neurosurgeon. As the pioneer of numerous life-saving techniques, he’s well-respected and well-paid.  

Profession… a neurosurgeon. Strange is one of the best and he knows it. While he completes operations with flair and finesse, his arrogance is hard to handle. His colleagues berate him constantly: “Now is not the time for showing off, Strange!”

Interests… neuroscience. Love, friendship, family – Strange needs none of it. He lives for his career and dedicates every waking moment to his craft.

Relationship Status… single. Although Strange dated Christine Palmer, a fellow surgeon, the relationship fizzled due to his focus on his career. Since then, she’s instituted a rule called the “Strange Policy” to keep love and work separate. 

Challenge… recovering. Strange is left shattered after a horrific car accident that destroys the nerves in his hands. Desperate to return to his life as a surgeon, he seeks out cure after cure, no matter how experimental, or expensive: “All I need is possible.” But his search may lead him in very unexpected directions. One might even call them strange. 

Personality… intelligent and pompous. Strange is fueled by “arrogance, ambition, [and] stubbornness.” Sure, he’s in the business of saving lives, but sometimes, it seems like he only cares about his own.


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