Most Popular Characters

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Hannah Baker
Thirteen Reasons Why

A buoyant spirit broken by the cruelties of high school

The Giver

Curiosity and compassion aren't always to his advantage

James Bond
Casino Royale

We defy you to find a man who's ever been cooler while simply saying his own name

Edward Cullen

If he blows hot and cold, it's probably because he's undead

The Princess Bride

She's a farm girl turned princess who'd do anything to have her old life back

Les Miserables

A scrappy street urchin with a bad case of unrequited love

Chuck Bass
Gossip Girl

The charming and intelligent bad boy of the Upper East Side

Jay Gatsby
The Great Gatsby

Successful in every way but the one that counts: love

"Crazy Eyes" Warren
Orange Is The New Black

A poetic soul with some big, expressive eyes

Dexter Morgan

He's got a strict moral code, for a serial killer