Juliet Capulet

Juliet Capulet

    Romeo & Juliet
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… the youngest member of the Capulet clan. Living in her father’s mansion, Juliet has always been something of a daddy’s girl. Now in the throes of adolescence, however, Juliet's interests begin to clash with those of her parents.

Living… in Verona. It’s a city divided by the rivalry between the Montagues and her family, the Capulets. Up until now, Juliet has led a life of comfort, but romantic and familial developments threaten to complicate her simple existence.

Profession… eligible bride to be. When it comes to her family, Juliet's only real duty is to find a good husband. It's a lot of pressure on the young girl, whose only real confidante is her childhood nurse.

Interests… her parents and her heart. Although Juliet is a dutiful daughter who deeply loves her family, she is also in touch with her own wants and desires. Up until now, the two haven't clashed much, but a new suitor on the scene may change all that.

Relationship Status… single. She’s interested in boys, but in the eyes of her parents, it may not matter what Juliet's wants. She's already been promised to Veronese count Paris. Juliet, however, is less pleased about this match – she's still young, after all. And still romantic.

Challenge… hiding her crush on a Montague. After encountering a handsome young man at a Capulet masquerade, Juliet is instantly infatuated. Yet when she finds out that her new obsession is a Montague, Juliet must struggle to resolve her conflicting loyalties and desires. Personally, Juliet thinks the whole rivalry shouldn't stand in the way of romance, telling Romeo, “what’s in a name? That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Personality… elegant, intelligent, and wise beyond her years. A young noblewoman, Juliet is very much the product of her upbringing: passionate and innocent, yet also pragmatic and dignified. Often more mature than the older Romeo, Juliet handles herself with grace even as her world is turned upside down.


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