The Hunchback of Notre Dame
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… disfigured and unloved. Abandoned as a baby, Quasimodo was taken in by Archdeacon Frollo, who has raised and protected him ever since.

Living... in Paris, but not really part of it. Quasimodo might live in a glittering city full of street performers and gypsies, but he doesn't dare to interact with them. Afraid that he would be shunned for his monstrosity, Quasimodo instead stays within  the walls of Notre-Dame Cathedral, safe from the outside world. Still, he does daydream what it'd be like "just to live one day out there."

Profession… bell-ringer. Since Frollo found him, Quasimodo's lived among the bells of Notre-Dame, helping ring them throughout the day. Along with the gargoyles and the walls of the cathedral, the bells are old friends by now.

Interests… living in his imagination. Stuck in Notre-Dame with Frollo as his only other human company, Quasimodo longs for a chance to go down to the city. But until that happens, he's content talking to the gargoyles and recreating the city in miniatures.

Relationship Status… single, and that’s seemingly permanent. Sure, pretty Esmeralda might have saved Quasimodo when he was in trouble, but that doesn't mean anything. After all, as Quasimodo knows too well, his is the "'ugliest face in all of Paris,' remember?"

Challenge… saving Esmeralda. As a gypsy girl, Esmeralda is considered a "pest" by many Parisians – including Frollo, who seems obsessed with punishing the girl for some reason. Quasimodo doesn't believe any of the rumors about her. But if he wants to save Esmeralda, he's going to do something even more difficult first: stand up to Frollo.  

Personality… imaginative, kind, and deeply insecure. For all his loyalty and bravery, Quasimodo has never had much faith in himself. Raised to think of himself as a monster, he shies away from any hint of kindness, sure that he doesn't deserve it. Despite this, Quasimodo can be fierce when it comes to defending his friends.


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