Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor

    DC Extended Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in a working class family. While Luthor’s parents had made their living based on the strength of their backs and the sweat of their brow, Lex was always destined for greater things. Blessed with an IQ of over 200, Lex Luthor grew up to be the world’s smartest man.

Living… in Metropolis, a massive city where Lex’s company Lexcorp is headquartered. Lex has single handedly revolutionized earthly science and made an incredible fortune, but still he desires more. He won’t stop until he rules over the earth.

Profession… CEO of Lexcorp, a megacorporation that got its start producing some of Lex’s more imaginative technologies. Since then the business has diversified, and now has a hand in real estate, finances, and just about any other profitable venture you could dream up.

Interests… global domination, and the death of Superman. Lex Luthor is an incredibly ambitious man—so ambitious that he would like nothing more than to seize control over the entire world. Unfortunately for him, his plans are consistently thwarted by the alien protector of earth, Superman. Lex’s hatred for the extraterrestrial is particularly potent, as he believes that by putting its faith in an alien defender, the human race is stunting its own development and failing to live up to its potential.

Relationship Status… single. Lex is married to his work, and spends all of his time trying to scheme his way into even greater wealth and power.

Challenge… taking over the world. Superman has been gone for the last five years, and in the intervening time Lex has set a world-altering scheme into motion. By using fragments of Superman’s destroyed world of Krypton, Lex has discovered the ability to create new landmasses. Now he plans to create a new continent in the Atlantic Ocean, causing the sea levels to rise and flood every other continent on earth. Then, once most of the world is underwater, Lex will have full control of the continent of survivors. Now Lex just needs to keep the recently returned Superman from discovering his plot, and he should be able to achieve his lifelong ambition of taking over the world.

Personality… brilliant, ruthless, and arrogant. Lex Luthor’s ambition has driven him to become sociopathic, and he is willing to sacrifice any number of human lives in order to achieve his personal goals. He believes that he is the best specimen that humanity can create, and that his genius makes him a more powerful being than Superman. Despite believing himself to be better than everyone on earth, Lex is primarily driven by a need for recognition and praise; he wants nothing more than to be acknowledged as the hero of mankind—a goal he’s willing to drown the world to achieve.


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