White Queen

White Queen

    Alice in Wonderland
Photo Credit: Everett Collection

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview….a deposed queen waiting patiently to return. Wonderland was once ruled equally by two sisters, the Red Queen and the White Queen. But as it turned out, the Red Queen harbored bigger ambitious. After the first time Alice went through Wonderland and returned to her own world, the Red Queen staged a coup, taking over Wonderland and banishing her sister, the White Queen. Now the White Queen waits for the prophesied day that Alice will return and she’ll regain her throne.

Personality…. elegant, wise, and kind. Although she’s been treated horribly, and the day of her victory is almost near, she still won’t pressure Alice into doing anything she doesn’t want to. And she won’t hurt her sister, since she made a vow not to hurt any living creature. Instead, she trusts that good will triumph, and supports Alice with a quiet confidence in her abilities.


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