Eric Northman

Eric Northman

    True Blood
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Sweden around 900 AD. His father was a Viking chieftain, allowing Eric to live a very privileged existence. A pack of werewolves and a cloaked figure killed his family and took his father’s crown, compelling Eric to spend much of his adult human life searching for his father’s killer. His search as well as his desire for revenge continued after he was “turned” by a 1,000-year-old vampire named Godric.

Living… in a customized coffin in the basement of his popular vampire bar, Fangtasia. Operated by Eric and his progeny (a vampire he created) named Pam, the club serves as a hangout for “Fangbangers,” or humans who enjoy being bitten by and having sexual relations with vampires. The bar represents one half of Eric’s personality: an extravagant playboy with expensive taste. 

Profession… due to his age, sharp wit, ruthless nature and cunning personality, Eric was appointed vampire sheriff of Louisiana Area 5. Within the vampire hierarchy and government, this is a very important position that entitles him to a significant amount of power and responsibility. All vampires within a given area must obey their sheriff and report to him when a crime is committed. The only power higher than sheriff is king or queen of a given state. Being sheriff represents the other half of Eric’s personality: a merciless and power-hungry vampire overlord.

Interests… though Eric has a lot of responsibility as sheriff, in his leisure time he loves to have sex, drink human blood, beat up unruly vampires, flaunt his powers and authority, and piss people off.

Relationship Status… single, having sex with as many people and vampires as he likes. Though he has deep emotional ties to his progeny Pam, in terms of sex, Eric essentially does what and who he wants, when he wants.  

Challenge… balancing his lavish lifestyle with his responsibilities as sheriff. Eric rules his Area with an iron fist, which is why he becomes increasingly disturbed throughout the series as more and more crimes are committed. Not only are the crimes a sign of weakness on his part, but they also take him away from having a good time at his bar.

Personality… aggressive and powerful. Eric has no problem pushing people around and showing both humans and vampires that he is an old and incredibly authoritative vampire. He is both a sex-fiend with a sadistic nature and a power-hungry villain of sorts. His two natures are very complementary and only pose problems when he must forgo having fun in order to do his duties as sheriff.


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