Edmund Pevensie

Edmund Pevensie

    The Chronicles of Narnia
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in London, England, during the second World War. Edmund has three siblings: his brother Peter, and his two sisters Susan and Lucy.

Living… in a house in the country. Edmund and his brother and sisters were sent to live with an old Professor to escape the air raids in London. The Professor is pretty odd-looking, and Edmund almost laughed when he first saw him. But all of the children like him.

Profession… student. But he’s on holiday now, so he has plenty of free time to explore the house.

Interests… exploring and teasing his sister. The house is large, with gardens all around, and there’s plenty of places for a young boy to poke around in. Now his sister Lucy is talking about having found a secret country hidden in a wardrobe. Edmund’s having a great time making fun of her.

Relationship Status… single. Edmund’s not even old enough to stay home without a babysitter.

Challenge… defeating the White Witch. Lucy’s imaginary kingdom isn’t so imaginary after all. Now they’ve entered Narnia, but the land is covered in eternal winter, caused by the White Witch. She promised Edmund that he could be Prince of Narnia, so he betrayed his siblings, but it was a lie. Now Edmund has to figure out how to redeem himself and end the suffocating winter.

Personality… “beastly”, as his siblings would describe it. Edmund has a tendency to tease Lucy and quarrel with Peter and Susan. He can be spiteful, and originally joined the White Witch because Peter didn’t want him to. That’s an example of another one of his qualities – not thinking things through very well. But Edmund doesn’t really mean anyone ill, and perhaps now that he’s seen the effects of his betrayal, he’ll reform himself.


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