Recently Added Characters

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Tahani Al-Jamil

Tahini tries to remain humble about her body. But in her own words, she's "cursed with ample bosom." See them in The Good Place.

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Georgina "George" Lawson

Sweet, witty, and in emotional turmoil, George is struggling to live an honest life. See them in Feel Good.

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Usually the life of the party, Laszlo is now seriously planning the vampiric takeover of the New World. Or at least Staten Island. See them in What We Do In The Shadows.

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Max Richman

Max Richman's crush can read his mind, literally, so he's struggling to hide what he feels. See them in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist.

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Kinsey Locke

Kinsey Locke is always ready to take it to the limit. See them in Locke & Key.

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Nina "Nini" Salazar-Roberts

As Nini Salazar becomes more invested into the world of theatre, drama ensues and it becomes harder for her to follow, or even identify, her dreams. See them in High School Musical: The Series.

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Kim Kitsuragi

Kim Kitsuragi is a long-suffering detective in an equally long-suffering city. See them in Disco Elysium.

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Jughead Jones

Jughead Jones is seeing the underbelly of his sleepy town. See them in Riverdale.

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María Posada

Maria Posada is the feisty and independent damsel of San Angel who everyone wants to win over, but she certainly doesn’t see herself as a prize to be earned. See them in The Book of Life.

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Sexy but awkward, Mae Martin has a heart of gold buried underneath trauma and heartache. See them in Feel Good.

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Rachel Zane

Whether it’s helping her boss Mike or proving her sexist father wrong, Rachel Zane always manages to prove that she is limitless. See them in Suits.

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Cheryl Blossom

Being beautiful and rich doesn't guarantee happiness for Cheryl Blossom. See them in Riverdale.