Recently Added Characters

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Kiara Carrera

Kiara Carrera is a hippie socialist who likes sea turtles more than people. See them in Outer Banks.

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Maria Rambeau

Maria Rambeau is a tough-as-nails Air Force pilot who is also a loving single mom. See them in Captain Marvel.

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Elle Evans

Lively and rambunctious, Elle Evans is organizing a kissing booth for the school fundraiser all while keeping her crush on Noah, Lee’s older brother, a secret. See them in The Kissing Booth.

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Bill Foster

Bill Foster is a brilliant scientist isn't one to brag, but did he ever tell you about the time he grew 21 feet tall? See them in Ant-Man.

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Marta Cabrera

It's hard enough for Marta Cabrera to be part of a murder investigation, but when you can't lie? See them in Knives Out.

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Wesley Rush

Wesley Rush is a senior football captain who knows his way around the social circles at his school. See them in The DUFF.

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Joaquín Mondragon

Joaquin is the greatest man to ever live, protecting San Angel from bandits with his sword and with his heart See them in The Book of Life.

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Sylvie Parker

Sylvie Parker continues to make decisions that break the mold of what black women can be. She wants to be the woman of her dreams. See them in Sylvie’s Love.

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Ruby Roundhouse

Bookish and socially anxious, Ruby Roundhouse is a teenager turned action heroine. See them in Jumanji.

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Cirilla of Cintra

Ciri had a princess upbringing, and some of the facts of common people's lives are a mystery to her. See them in The Witcher.

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Nina Locke

Putting on a smile that takes all her energy, Nina Locke is starting to crumble. After trauma, sometimes a mystery is what you need. See them in Locke & Key.

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Angel Evangelista

Angel Evangelista finds true fulfillment in the ballroom scene. If only there were a way to translate her amazing ballroom skills to the wider world. See them in Pose.