Recently Added Characters

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Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson

Lady Bird's heart is in the right place, usually, but even the purest of people can fall sway to the havoc-wreaking traps of senior year. See them in Lady Bird.

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William Schofield

William Schofield is on an impossible mission: carry a message 9 miles across No Man's Land and into German territory. See them in 1917.

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Damon Richards-Evangelista

The sweetness of this ballroom dancer is balanced by a feisty side that comes out in expert-level shade and sass. See them in Pose.

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Victor Salazar

Victor Salazar is looking out for the people he loves, and while tends to put their interests before his own, he is working on becoming more assertive. See them in Love, Victor.

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Ally Maine

Ally Maine is a star who is about to be born. See them in A Star is Born.

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Ricky Bowen

Ricky Bowen couldn't say "I love you" back to his girlfriend Nini, and he's been kicking himself about that ever since. See them in High School Musical: The Series.

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Casey Gardner

Casey Gardner is an angsty teenage girl with quite a bit of sass that keeps getting her in trouble. See them in Atypical.

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Franklin "Mouse" Finbar

Franklin "Mouse" Finbar is a jock paying the price for his mistake. See them in Jumanji.

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Darian Franklin

When a passionate night with his sister's best friend, Krista, turns into an official relationship,Darian's connection with his sister plunges further. See them in The Edge of Seventeen.

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Anne Weying

Anne Weying is a pragmatic lawyer who's great in a crisis. See them in Venom.

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There's nothing this ace mechanic can't fix, or build from scratch. See them in Ready Player One.

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Cliff Booth

A generally laidback stuntman, Cliff Booth can deploy fists of fury when he has to. See them in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.