Cirilla of Cintra

Cirilla of Cintra

    The Witcher

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… as a princess in Cintra. Although her parents died when she was young, Ciri was well-taken care of by her grandmother, the brave queen of Cintra, and had a sheltered childhood.

Living… on the run. The Nilfgaardian Empire invaded Cintra, burned everything, and turned the population into refugees, including Ciri. The Nilfgaardians are searching for her specially, though, and so she’s had to keep moving, hiding her identity and scrounging for food and shelter.

Interests… surviving, right now, but before she was in hiding, she liked to play games with a group of boys her age, including knucklebones.

Relationship Status… single. She has few people she can trust, since anyone could be working for Nilfgaard.

Challenge… finding Geralt of Rivia. Before she escaped from the palace, her grandmother told her to find Geralt, because he was her destiny. Unfortunately, Ciri doesn’t know who Geralt is or where to find him, and it’s not safe to ask.

Personality… brave, determined, and a little naïve. Ciri had a princess’s upbringing, and some of the facts of common people’s lives are a mystery to her. But she is unflagging in the pursuit of her goal, and even when surrounded by soldiers and powerful magics, she’ll fight back until the last of her strength is gone. It’s not for nothing that people call her “The Lion Cub of Cintra.”


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