Nina Locke

Nina Locke

    Locke & Key

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in her husband’s childhood home, Key House. It’s a mansion in the small town of Matheson, MA, far from Seattle where she and her three kids used to live. That’s because back in Seattle, her husband was alive—until he was murdered in front of her. Seeking a fresh start, Nina has moved the family across the country.

Profession… historic home and furniture restoration. Nina has a gift for fixing up everything from the walls to the wooden chairs of older homes. That’s good, because Key House isn’t in great repair.

Interests… working and taking care of her three kids. Nina’s job is also her passion, and working on her husband’s old home helps her feel closer to him. She’s also been going through his old photos and trying to connect with people who knew her husband as a child. Strangely, he never talked about anyone, even his best friends.

Relationship Status… recently widowed. Nina tries to keep up a strong front for her kids, but it’s hard.

Challenge… putting the pieces together about the house, and her husband’s past. The residents of Matheson keep saying things about him that don’t make sense, and Nina has a feeling that there’s a secret no one wants to acknowledge. On top of that, her kids are acting strange. She’s starting to think that coming to Matheson might have been less of a fresh start and more of diving into trouble.

Personality… upbeat, hardworking, and fragile. Nina is high-energy, smiles often, and commits herself to creating a better life for herself and her family. But these days, putting on that face takes almost all the energy she has, and she’s starting to crumble. She knows she’s being lied to, and she’s not going to take it anymore.


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