Recently Added Characters

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Holden Ford

Holden Ford is a straight-laced Fed with an impulsive, independent streak. See them in Minhunter.

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Robert Halloway

Robert Halloway is an incredibly talented musician, and he is on his way up to become the next John Coltrane. See them in Sylvie’s Love.

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Alan Zaveri

Routine is an incredible thing; at least it is when you're a control freak like Alan Zaveri. See them in Russian Doll.

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Ada Thorne

Fiery, passionate, and strong willed, Ada Shelby is an expecting mother with a lot to lose. See them in Peaky Blinders.

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Bill Tench

Bill Tench is dependable, reliable, and open to new ideas. See them in Minhunter.

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Virginia "Ginny" Miller

Ginny Miller’s strong personality traits cause her transition into a new high school to be rather tumultuous. See them in Ginny & Georgia.

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Doug Gardner

Doug Gardner loves his family more than anything, but he is starting to realize that sometimes love isn't reciprocated. See them in Atypical.

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Tom Wambsgans

A neurotic people pleaser, Tom Wambsgans is both ambitious and spineless. See them in Succession.

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Evelyn Abbott

Evelyn Abbott is a mother who finds hope in even the darkest of times. See them in A Quiet Place.

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Tom “Redfly” Davis

Redfly Davis yearns to be back in the game of undercover operative missions, as his struggling marriage and job send him right back to his old life. See them in Triple Frontier.

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Matthew Meyerowitz

The most succesful of the Meyerowitz family, Matthew goes home to New York to realize he has a lot of work to do to fix his family. See them in The Meyerowitz Stories.

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Lara Jean Covey

Somehow all of Lara Jean Covey's past crushes know everything she's ever felt about them. Embarrasing? Yes, but hey, now she has a boyfriend. See them in To all The Boys I've Loved Before.