Elle Evans

Elle Evans

    The Kissing Booth

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with her friend Lee all her life. Both were born on the same day at the same time in Los Angeles Memorial Hospital. Ever since then, the two were raised together like twins and they have been practically inseparable. 

Living… in Los Angeles with her dad and her younger brother. But she spends a lot of time at Lee’s house so you could say she’s living with two families. 

Interests… dancing and sports. For as long as she remembers, Elle and Lee had loved to dance, particularly on the Dance Dance machine in their favorite arcade. She’s also good at sports, particularly soccer

Relationship Status… single. Elle doesn’t have much experience in dating, having never been on a first date or even been kissed. She has is a major crush on Noah, Lee’s older brother. But she would never say a thing about it because of rule #9: relatives of your best friend are totally off limits. 

Challenge… organizing the kissing booth for the school fundraiser and sticking to rule #9: Relatives of Your Best Friend are Totally Off-Limits. She’s promised to get Noah on the line-up for the kissing booth but that’s going to be hard for more reasons than one.

Personality… hyperactive, optimistic, and funny. Elle is loud and proud and unafraid to have a good time. But sometimes she doesn’t have the best timing, to her embarrassment. She’s got thick skin and she can always laugh things off or brush comments off with a little bit of sarcasm.


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