Marta Cabrera

Marta Cabrera

    Knives Out

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in a Latin American country—funny how her employers never seem to remember which one. Maybe Ecuador, maybe Paraguay, maybe none of the above. Marta never corrects them, perhaps because she knows they’ll only get it wrong again.

Living… in an apartment with her mother and sister.

Profession… private nurse to Harlan Thrombey, a wealthy mystery writer. Marta has been his caretaker, companion, and friend, until the night of his 85th birthday, when Harlan died under mysterious circumstances. Now Marta is caught up in Harlan’s family’s drama and the investigation into his death.

Interests… board games like Go. Harlan claims that Marta is the only person who is able to beat him consistently, demonstrating Marta’s keen mind.

Challenge… breaking through the Thrombey family’s web of deceit. Private detective Benoit Blanc has been hired to solve the mystery around Harlan’s death, and has asked Marta to accompany him, since she was close to Harlan. But every Thrombey family member has something to hide, a grudge against Harlan, and power over Marta. It’s almost impossible for Marta to protect herself and her own family while also doing right by her friend.

Personality… kind, intelligent, and demure. Marta is skilled at her job, friendly and chatty with Harlan, and accommodating to Harlan’s family, but she is well aware of the difference in their positions in life. Marta fades into the background when she can, knowing that wealthy white people can be dangerous allies, but all too often she is called out to be “part of the family” whether she wants to or not. Despite this, she is unfailingly kind, and will sacrifice herself to save another person in need, just because it is the right thing to do. She is so moral, in fact, that she can’t lie without throwing up, literally.


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