Katie Mitchell

Katie Mitchell

    The Mitchells vs. the Machines

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in a lovable, quirky family. As a child, Katie was close to both her parents, especially her father, a broad outdoorsman who would always make her laugh no matter the circumstance.

Living… in Kentwood, Michigan, with her close brother, Aaron, peacemaker mother, and survivalist father. She has become disconnected from her father over the years. As Katie has grown into an aspiring filmmaker, her father has had trouble understanding her and her new hobbies, and, on Katie’s last night before college, their tension threatens to tear apart the family.

Profession… student, about to leave to attend the California College of Film. Katie has already met other attendees over the internet: “the other accepted students totally get me,” she says.

Interests… movies, cartoons, and, above all, the internet. Using YouTube and other social media platforms, she uploads her films for all to watch, as well as uses the internet to connect with friends she hasn’t yet met in person. 

Challenge… connecting with her father, all the while trying to, erm, survive. You see, a robot apocalypse just happened to occur amidst the family’s road trip to bring Katie to college, and it’s up to the Mitchells to save humanity. Kind of a lot, right? Despite the terrifying adventure, Katie just might find herself getting closer to her family—and maybe even her father.

Personality… passionate, driven, and, despite what her father says, intent on making a living for herself based on filmmaking. Despite her noble characteristics, Katie has yet to truly appreciate her family’s oddities, and time is running out fast. “I just wanna get my future back and get away forever,” Katie tells her brother.


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