Most Popular Characters

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Kara Danvers

Whether she's working as a mild-mannered assistant or an all-powerful superhero, she's defined above all by her huge heart


Quirky little romantic robot cleaning the wasteland known as Earth

Rachel Green

Getting her life together… and doing a better job than most people give her credit for

Star Wars Series

Intelligent, inscrutable old Jedi master, he is

Darth Vader
Star Wars Series

A seemingly heartless master of the Force's dark side with a badass cape

Tony Stark / Iron Man
Iron Man / The Avengers

A self-described genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. Oh and he's also a superhero

The Lion King

Simba just can't wait to be king, but he's got a lot of growing up to do first

Mike Wazowski
Monsters, Inc.

A goofball, but one devoted to his work and his best friend Sully

Beca Mitchell
Pitch Perfect

Beca fancies herself an edgy loner, but it turns out being part of a group can be aca-amazing

Jack Frost
Rise of the Guardians

Jack would rather crack a joke or throw a snowball than take anything seriously