Sharpay Evans

Sharpay Evans

    High School Musical
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview… drama queen in both senses of the term. As the wealthy daughter of the owners of the Lava Springs Country Club, the star of every school production since kindergarten, and one of the most popular girls to ever walk the halls of East High, Sharpay Evans is accustomed to getting her way. Needless to say, when new transfer student Gabriella Montez steals the lead role and the leading man (Troy Bolton) from right under her nose, she responds less than graciously. Sharpay will do anything to keep Gabriella from dismantling her carefully established high school hierarchy.

Personality… ambitious and talented but also narcissistic, domineering, and devious. Sharpay’s favorite person is herself, and she finds it difficult to empathize with other people. Even Ryan, her twin brother and biggest supporter, is subject to her whims. As an astute classmate at East High observes, if Sharpay “could figure out a way to play both Romeo and Juliet, her own brother would be aced out of a job.”


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