Lydia Martin

Lydia Martin

    Teen Wolf
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Beacon Hills, California. Beacon Hills seems like a completely normal town, full of totally normal people. Lydia likes it that way, since she’s figured out how to be top dog at her perfectly average high school. However, the werewolf apparently roaming the woods around town suggests that things are about to get a lot weirder.

Profession… being the most popular girl in Beacon Hills High School, which really takes just as much time and energy as a “real” job.

Interests… living the life she wants to, i.e., the ideal high school popular girl life. Lydia has the boy she wants, the status she wants, and knows exactly how to make it all happen. She also enjoys studying obscure languages, science, and math far above her grade level. Despite her outward appearance, Lydia is far from an average airhead.

Relationship Status… dating Jackson Whittemore, the star lacrosse player and most popular guy in school. Who else would be good enough to maintain her status? Despite being obviously in love with her for years, fellow student Stiles Stilinski barely registers on her radar.

Challenge… dealing with the fact that werewolves have decided to infest her town. All Lydia wants is to be a normal high school student. Instead Beacon Hills has become a hotspot of supernatural activity, and she’s somehow ended up stuck in the middle of it. Her classmate Scott McCall (Stiles’ best friend) is now a werewolf, which has also helped make him the new star of the lacrosse team.

Personality… shallow, preppy, and popular – but only on the surface. Lydia hides the fact that she has a genius-level IQ, she knows advanced chemistry and even speaks Latin. Lydia has just decided that she’d rather use her smarts to maintain her popularity at Beacon Hills High School than look like a nerd. Because Lydia prizes maintaining a façade over being her authentic self, this can lead her to seem callous and distant at times.


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