Elle Woods

Elle Woods

    Legally Blonde
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... in Bel Air across the street from Aaron Spelling. She then went to college at USC, where she was Sigma Chi Sweetheart and President of Delta Gamma. 

Living... in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she attends Harvard Law School. Initially, she wanted to go there to win back her ex-boyfriend Warner. But it’s thanks to her own dedication and smarts that she earned a 179 on her LSATs – only one point away from a perfect score. And although she’s initially overwhelmed by the rigorous law school curriculum, when the going gets tough, Elle gets tougher.

Interests... fashion—especially if it involves the color pink. Elle is an unapologetic girly-girl with many friends, but her closest companion is her pet Chihuahua named Bruiser.

Relationship Status... on the rebound. Warner dumped her because he thought she was the type of woman to date but not to marry. And she has just found out that he is engaged to someone he knew from his East Coast prep school. 

Challenge... helping win a tough legal case. Elle is working for Professor Donovan in one of his firm's highly coveted four internship spots where they get to assist on actual cases. Their main case involves a beautiful blonde woman named Brooke Windham, who is accused of sleeping with the pool boy and shooting her husband. Elle is determined to prove her innocence. Outside of the courtroom, Elle takes on other tough cases. She always tries to help those around her—from a socially awkward peer, to her insecure manicurist, to everyday women in need of a confidence boost.

Personality... deeper than she appears. As she complains, "All people see when they look at me is blonde hair and big boobs." But we wonder if that is part of her plan. By playing dumb even though she is quite intellectual, she is able to catch people off guard. So don’t count her out. Elle is a beacon of positivity and empathy with a brilliant legal mind to boot. By both taking risks and remaining true to herself, she single-handedly breaks down stereotypes about what girls can and can’t do. What, like it’s hard?


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