Most Popular Characters

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Dean Winchester

Family means more to him than anything

Sherlock Holmes

This wildly brilliant detective can figure out everything except how to interact with other human beings


He might be an immortal angel, but the human world is still more than a little confusing

Sam Winchester

Smart and sensitive Sam tried to escape the family business, but ghosts have a way of haunting you

Barry Allen / The Flash
The Flash

Nerd, forensics expert… and superhero?

John Watson

Witty, practical, and loyal, John is recovering from wounds that are both physical and psychological

Chandler Bing

Could he BE any funnier?

The Doctor
Doctor Who

A benevolent madman with a blue box, traveling through time and space to heal the wounds of the universe

Death Note

Enigmatic, child-like, and one of the smartest people in the world

Stiles Stilinski
Teen Wolf

Smart, sarcastic, and loyal, Stiles doesn't just want to be the sidekick in someone else's life