Dipper Pines

Dipper Pines

    Gravity Falls
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in Gravity Falls, Oregon – the epicenter of all that is weird and supernatural in America. It’s a perfect summer vacation spot for Dipper, who’s excited to explore the town’s many spooky forests and caves with his twin sister Mabel.

Profession... employee at the Mystery Shack, the tourist trap owned by his great uncle Stan. Dipper’s parents sent him and Mabel to spend the summer with “Grunkle Stan.” But Dipper’s not learning about friendship and responsibility by selling tchotchkes in the Shack – he’s off battling the supernatural forces that are drawn to Gravity Falls with a little help from a mysterious journal he found, and a lot of help from Mabel.

Interests… exploration, the supernatural, mysteries, reading, and reason.

Relationship Status... crushing extremely hard on Wendy, another Mystery Shack employee. A couple problems: Wendy is a teenager a few years older than Dipper, and she’s dating a real creep named Robbie. Dipper can never quite say the right thing when he’s with Wendy, and often embarrasses himself while he’s trying to be cool and mature around her.

Challenge... surviving the summer and stopping the multi-dimensional demon Bill Cipher from taking over the world. And he has to do all this as a 12-year-old with a bedtime. Luckily he’s got Mabel and Grunkle Stan by his side to help. But when he starts sneaking around the Mystery Shack, looking for clues about Stan’s mysterious past, he’s got a new challenge on his hands: finding the author of the journal he’s been reading, who may have the answers about Stan, and so much more.    

Personality... courageous, curious, adventurous, and kind. Dipper considers himself mature for his age, especially when compared to the glittery appearance and bubbly demeanor of his sister Mabel. But she’s also more outgoing than him, which is something he can learn from her. Dipper loves to learn, to read, to get down to the bottom of a problem with logic and reason. Unfortunately, Gravity Falls is not a place that follows silly laws like that. But Dipper is up for the challenge.


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